Staying Married

This article is intended for those who see marriage as God’s design and want to do all they can to fulfil His will. One thing we must accept is that there is no marriage made in heaven, we all have to work on making our relationships with our spouses work.

Here are some tips:

Make time for one another in your ever increasingly busy schedules. In the home, you both are the most important, not the children, the food ,the care of the home, You both! Let spending time in one another’s company be your priority after spending time in fellowship with God.

Intimacy is the lubrication of your relationship, do not withhold this from one another. Once you are married, the search for a companion has ended in your discovery of one another, cherish, respect, enjoy one another’s company. Have pleasant words to say to one another, treat yourselves like a King and Queen you are. You can always make your viewpoint or feelings known but it should be done in an atmosphere of love and not acrimony designed to be-little the other.

What are the tools you need?