Pastoral Services

1. Baby Naming & Child Dedication Services:- Victorious Family Parish is a bible believing and practising church. We believe in the conscious presentation of children to the Lord to be named, blessed and dedicated by their parents. This is in line with examples from the life of Jesus Christ as recorded in Luke 2: 21-24 when the baby Jesus was named and later formally dedicated to the Almighty God.  In Matthew 19:13-1; Luke 18:15-17 Jesus Christ blessed children that were brought to Him, this was a form of child/baby dedication service practised today. During dedication services, prayers of blessings are pronounced over children presented unto the Lord. This service is open to all members of the church and believers in Christ. This can be arranged for by contacting the church office.

2. Wedding Ceremony & Renewal of Marital Vows:- Marriage is an institution that the Lord established according to Genesis 2:21-24. It is the holy union between a man and a woman who are of marriageable age. Couples would be expected to go through marriage preparatory classes organised by the church to ensure that the intending couples have a good foundation as they set up a home. It will cover topics such as communication between spouses, handling of in-laws in marriage, financial planning for the family, parenting techniques among others. The church believes in holy matrimony and that the marriage bed must not be defiled according to Hebrews 13:4; couples will be expected to abide by this strictly. Parental support and consent is highly encouraged and the church will work with families of the couple to make the day glorious in line with scriptural injunctions and teachings. The church also recognises marriages established under customary law and traditional weddings. Where requested, renewal of marital vows and formal church blessing for traditional weddings can be arranged. This service is open to all members of the church and believers in Christ. This can be arranged for by contacting the church office.

3. Service of Songs and Celebration of Life Services :- According to Hebrews 9:27, it is appointed for all to die at one time or the other and after this Judgement. Death is therefore inevitable and where it occurs among the brethren in the church or their relatives, the church will actively support the family as may be required. The church does not believe in praying for the dead departed soul but will rather pray for those they have left behind and where such individuals were Christians in their lifetime, celebrating their death. With the consent of surviving relatives and loved ones, a service of songs could be arranged for. This will involve rendering praises to God for the life of the departed soul, encouraging of the relatives that by God’s grace we shall surly meet again at the feet of Jesus. Chorus songs, hymns and scriptural passages will be used to celebrate their life while they were alive. The church will be sensitive to the wishes of the surviving relatives and work to make the event memorable and comforting by His grace. This service is open mainly to members of the church. This can be arranged for by contacting the church office.