Fear is a spirit; 2 Tim1;7. It has torment and can put people in bondage if it is not conquered. Rom 8:15, Heb 2:15 to be fearful or afraid is evidence of lack of faith in God the creator of the heavens and the whole universe, it is also a clear proof that we have believed the report of man Matt 8:26


  1. Your future in the light of the economic realities around you today following the season of the pandemic. Matt 6:31-34, Isa. 26:3, Eccl 11:5-7
  2. Don’t be afraid of the challenges on your way to your throne of greatness, you will get there in Jesus name. 1 Sam 17:32-37, Ps. 27:1-3, Ex 14:13-14
  3. Don’t fear what men shall do to you, it shall be a catalyst of your progress in Jesus name Amen. Ps 105:13-15, Deut. 28:7, Rom 8:28, Gen 50:20
  4. Don’t fear the satanic kingdom or what they can do to you. Col 1:16-17, 2:15, 1 Jn 3:8, 1 Jn 4:4
  5. Don’t fear what men fear. Isa 8:12-13, Isa 43:1-5 beloved fear not!


  1. Fear God and let Him alone be your dread. Isa 8:13, matt 10:28
  2. Fear God’s name above all other names. Mal 4:2, Phil 2:5-8
  3. Fear God’s word and keep them to the letter – this is Holiness. Deut 28: 14-58, Eccl 12:13
  4. Fear God’s judgement. Heb 10:27-31
  5. Fear God’s power Heb 12:29, Ps 62:11, Matt 28:18-20


We have a choice to make, it is either we serve God in Holiness and fear not or serve man and die in the process Pro 29:25. Remember that death means eternal separation from God.