Worship service

Worship service

time 10:30 am

Every Sunday from

April 26, 2020


April 23, 2000


Welcome to the month of April 2023, the first month in the second quarter of the year. 

Our theme this month is ‘ Ye are Gods’ Our lead scripture of focus this month is Psalm 82:6.  This follows on from the first quarter where we explored the themes of God’s Ambassador and Carriers of divine glory.  Christ on the inside of us makes us a ‘God’ to the stubborn difficulties of life we face.

Get ready for an exciting season in the run-up to  the take over service by the Children department on the 30th April

Join us for a time of great fellowship, live music, worship, teachings and rejoicing as we celebrate God together.

Doors open to the public at 9.50 am for our interactive bible life application classes that run from 10.20am till 10.50 am when the worship service starts.