Interdenominational Prayers

Interdenominational Prayers

Emmaus Christian Centre, Clover Street, Chatham (opposite the Macdonalds in Chathat High Street) ME4 4DT

time 7:00 pm

March 28, 2019

Our Nation is at a cross roads on the issue of BREXIT which has dominated the horizons for the past few months. Things are getting to a head now and the need for divine guidance could not be higher now. 

Join along with other churches across the Medway Towns for a time of prayer specifically focused on BREXIT and the Local Council Elections on the 2nd of May.

We meet for tea/Coffee at 7.00 pm and will commence a joint service of all the churches from 7.30- 9.00 pm. I look forward to seeing you and family there this Thursday 28th March.

Live worship, ecumenical fellowship of brethren across the various churches and worship expressions, passionate prayers, warm welcome and much more await you as you come along.